We need another $10,000 dollars to fund the editiing of the final episodes of the Mash Up series. Therefore we need to sell approx. 10,000 more bottles. Below people have taken photos of the bottles of Mash Up they have drunk to show there support. We are naming these great people here and thank them for their support. 

You to can submit you photos here 

Brent Marquis (Beerginner)
Simon Hurley
Brett Curry 
Glenn Wignall 

Mash Up - NZ Pale Ale - 6.0% abv - 50 IBU

Photos of NZ Craft Brewers
NZ Craft Beer TV - Teaser Trailer 1


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Green Man Brewery: About

From the Green Man Brewery website

Green Man's head brewer is Enrico Gritzner.

Enrico is our German Braumeister, and he has a long and impressive brewing background, with a four year degree gained at the Doemens Academy in Munich, and subsequent 21 years brewing experience around the world.

His favourite beer is his own beer, of course, Green Man Premium Pils.

Green Man Brewery's range of beer: 

Ginger Beer - a blend of ginger and selected spices, it will warm you up on those cold winter nights. Relax and enjoy with great spicy cuisine.

Celt - Pronounced Kelt, this is a blended beer, half Whisky Bock half Dark Mild. Gold Medal winner at the September BrewNZ 2008 awards. The Dark Mild, having less hops and bitterness, brings out the voluptuous whisky flavours, and the beer is maltier and darker than the Strong. The inaugural release was brewed for the Dunedin Celtic Arts Festival in October 2007, which sold out in a few short days.

Best Bitter - The most common reaction to our Best Bitter is how British it is. Well, you be the judge! Enrico has crafted a truly authentic, traditional Best Bitter, brewed with Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt and special hops, and fermented with a true Ale yeast. Deeply copper-coloured, it has all the hallmarks of a classic Best Bitter.

Tequila Beer - Hola amigo, this is something special for you...This fantastic new beer from Green Man has a shot of Mexico in it, with the addition of Tequila and a dash of Lime.... So when you're in the mood to go south of the border, have a Tequila Beer. Adios

Strong - Awarded Editors Choice in the #1 beer mag in the UK, Beers of the World. This is a blend of 2 beers; half Whisky Bock, half Best Bitter, resulting in an amazingly complex beer with delightful whisky, vanilla and oak flavours and aromas. Finishes with very approachable hop and whisky notes. Bronze Medal winner at the NZ International Beer Awards June 2008.

Stout - One of only 13 NZ beers listed in the new book, 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die. A style known as Extra Stout, this is an over-strength black ale with rich, mouth-filling, coffee & mocha flavours, and malty aromas from the addition of four German malts. As the label says, it's Dark BLACK... and it's powerful too... The accolades and positive feedback this Stout has received, particularly from drinkers of the world's most famous Stout, have us bursting with pride. 

Premium Pils - A true Premium Pilsner, lavished with only aromatic hops and very well balanced by the sweetness from our Pilsner malt. Refreshing and delicate flavours, perfect for a hot summer's day. Simply the best from our German Brewmaster.

Lager - This German-style Lager is crafted by our German Brewmaster according to the German Purity Law of 1516, using only the finest quality organic ingredients. Crisp and refreshing, it has delicate citrus and floral flavours from the Hallertau hop, which is very well balanced. Bronze Medal at BrewNZ 2005. 

Krystal Weiss - A filtered effervescent and fruity Bavarian-style beer, traditionally crafted by our own German Brewmaster, Enrico Gritzner. Banana and clove aromas leap from the glass. 

Keller - Keller is a very rare style in New Zealand. It is a lusciously rich Lager which is really quite simple to make because it is what we don't do that makes it so full of flavour. We don't filter it and we leave it for up to two months before bottling. A Keller beer will often appear cloudy due to the sediment, which is full of organic vitamins. Pour this beer straight from the fridge, cold from the bottle into a large glass. Silver Medal winner at the NZ International Beer Awards in June 2008.

IPA - Green Man IPA 5.4% ABV is so hoppy it will pop your taste buds with flavour! This artfully crafted pale golden coloured ale is delightfully different. An IPA which is full of hops but still very drinkable. 

German Black Lager - Green Man German Black Lager (4.5% ABV) is a Schwarbier. With light Chocolate and Coffee flavours and a nicely balanced hoppiness. Although similar black lagers are milder and less bitter then English styled Porters and Stouts.

Reader Comments (1)

Tasted the Krystal Weiss today - no trace of banana or cloves, very little discernable smell. Taste was overwhelmingly sour far too much lemon sourness. I managed to drink one bottle, the second I pored away after one mouthful. Far too sour for me. Not what I would call a Bavarian wheat, Tuatara Hefe tastes far better than this (and I don't rate Tuatara that highly compared to Konig Ludwig, Schneider or Wiehenstaphaner)

January 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKen Bailey

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